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Mr.Z Frames

A retail store app selling custom picture frames written for a friend. The challenge is to do it without a app server for placing an order. Personal pictures and credit card information are stored in a password encrypted zip file and password is RSA encrypted in a plain file and uploaded to an ftp site. Email is sent to the merchant to notify there is an order and a link to the file. More work is needed to do realtime Paypal transaction processing and brush up the interface.

Baby Boom

An app written for my baby. I'm simply adding features that when I found useful. White noise and baby music is definitely working for some degree in calming my baby. The baby monitoring with face detection (in case suffocating) and motion detection with email alert (with camera capture) is fun to experiment with. Location tracking might not be that useful unless you're expecting something is going to steal the baby LOL. Still quite some work to make it more robust and running it as a background service.

StrikeTech Game Engine

04/02/2007 The engine is definitely on halt, however, I will try to fnd some time to fix some of the code so I can release a bug fixed Air Raid and AlienBlat. I am now working mainly on mobile projects and definitely thsoe are more interesting they require more skill to program.

The engine is being developed along with Air Raid and Alien Raid. It consists of a number of parts, while some of them are already used in Air Raid and Alien Raid, the main graphics core, the most complicated and advanced part, has not yet touched because other engine is used for 3D rendering in Air Raid and Alien and it takes more time design and learn to use the advanced technology provided in Direct X 8 and 9. Raid to make a new core.

Component Status Details



Based on the Direct Input 8.0 and incoporated with Immersion IFC to provide force feedback on all Immersion compatible tactile-feedback (mouse) or force-feedback devices (gamepad, joystick, wheel and etc). I incorported IFC into the engine because Direct Input 8.0 doesn't provide any tactile-feedback support. Even though tactile-feedback mouse is not popular, a lot of games has it support like UT2003, Black & White and etc. The IFC's feedback editor is also better.

There are still some issues have to be addressed for better joystick support


The particle system has been improved much in Alien Raid over Air Raid. Now it provides much more impressive visual effect and runs at better frame rate. So far I'm quite satified with it, but I have yet to implement an universal system and probably a littel script engine for easier prototyping. Also I still have a lot other ideas to add.

In Progress Based on Direct Play 8.0. It is being used in the multiplayer player mode (LAN/Internet) of Alien Raid. Voice chat will be supported

It was switched back from developing phase to design phase as I want to integrate it with a better resource management engine. Proposed supprot:

  • True 3D sound
  • EAX
  • MOD
  • MIDI
  • MP3
Design Seamless resources managment of image, sound and etc

Other Open Source 3D Egnines

The Nebula Device  



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