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What is StrikeTech?

StrikeTech is not a company. It is just a name I use to name my programs. I think this name is lame now but as I have used it since 1993. I will stick with it.

How did I make up this name?

I forgot which program I first used this name, probably the QuickType for PC (Quick Basic version). I thought it would be cool to make up a company name for all my programmings. At that time, I was playing a soccer game called Striker on my 20Mhz 80286 PC. It was a vertical panning, not much simulation but fast and fun. Anyway, to make it like a computer name, I appended "Tech" to it and that is how StrikeTech came from.

Who am I?

A poor little programmer who is addicted to playing and programming computer games.
Here is my personal homepage.

Who is Made By KIDDIES?

The first game company I worked for. Because I did 99% of programming for those titles I worked for Made By KIDDIES, Inc. , I think it is appropriate to put them under my StrikeTech series.


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